Animation Reel 2018

Back to the butterfly...

I helped Mainframe (UK) with the animation of a butterfly in August 2015. This time it wasn't for Harrods but Newsworks.


I did a little job with Toy Box again, this time on a 30" animated ad for the New South Wales Gvt in Australia. I was in charge of animating 2D elements which were comped later on.

New year, new reel!

AUT Discover Possible

Remote animation job for Toy Box (NZ). I was in charge of designing and creating the entire astronomy part of the ad using both Maya and Photoshop.

Dry July 2014

I've been working remotely on this ad for Toy Box (NZ) as one of the illustrators/animators on the project. We basically had to color the rough animation and deliver the different animated layers, using Photoshop.

MTV Stars of 2013

A remote job for Mainframe, UK. I animated the astronaut and the moving space ships and objects. 3D animation using Maya.

Adlabs Imagica TVC

I had the chance to work on this project in Sydney, at Mirari & Co. My role was to create some 3D models and textures, plus a little bit of animation.

Show Reel Xmas 2012

Mäu on Dailymotion

That's my graduation short from 2010 : Mau.

We were four people on this project dealing with all the steps of creating a film.

I was mainly working on the character animation, character design, textures, matte paintings, storyboard, layout and editing and facial rigging of the characters.

Show Reel 2010

Mäu - Graduation short film project

Finally done !

This is the graduated short film I co-directed with three other students at ESMA : Mäu

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